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New Universal Cellular Sensor Monitor

Works with any sensor.

No external power needed.

Tank Level Monitors


New!! Data Acquisition and Control

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New Universal  Wireless Monitor Works with any sensor

New Wireless Temperature sensor.

No external power needed.

Ask to see the FIRST Cellular Tank Level Monitors  to be CERTIFIED for safe use in  Class I, Division I, Group D hazardous  locations, such as Gasoline Tanks.

 NEW Wireless Intrinsically Safe Cellular monitors. 

NEW!! Wireless Data Acquisition and Control System

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Our Mission   

To provide  Wireless Products and System Solutions for  Remote  Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)  and Supply Chain Management (SCM) by supplying superior and most innovative products and services.  

Company Profile

Alpha Wireless Automation is the Premier Supplier of  Wireless Automation Products and System  Integrator for  Wireless Inventory Management System, providing on line  access to bulk inventory level  monitoring and management .

We specialize in the bulk Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) , Supply Chain Management (SCM)  and end user management of bulk products such as commercial and industrial fuels, lubricants, chemicals, acids,  lube oils, food additives, food and beverage, cosmetic additives, pharmaceuticals,  herbs, and many other  bulk products.    

"With Alpha Wireless Automation level gauges my customers never run out of fuel.  I will provide these Wireless Gauges  as it keeps my customer satisfaction" says  Account Manager of a Major Commercial Fuel and Oil  Distributor in Los Angeles, California. 

George Sky, founder and CEO, states that the company provides solutions for bulk inventory monitoring and management that are on the cutting edge of wireless sensors and internet technology.

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