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Tank Level Monitors

Alpha Wireless Automation, Inc.  uses several measurement technologies to monitor fluid inventory level in storage tanks. Tank information is communicated to the Alpha Wireless Data Center via  Cellular, Ethernet or Satellite network to provide Remote Tank Farm Management Solutions for any location.

New Products

Magnetostrictive Wireless Tank Level Transmitter


Ultrasonic Wireless Tank Level Transmitter


Hydrostatic pressure Wireless Tank Level Transmitter



Wireless Gateways receive information transmitted by wireless tank  transmitters and send it to one of the  Data Center. Gateways have optional capabilities of local alarming and pump control and interface to other devices at the tank farm.

CellRemote Gateway
The  Cellular Gateway receives tank level information from wireless tank sensors and transmits the data to the  Data Center using  Cellular data communications.

Optional Local Alarm Visual   and Audio .

Wireless Local Tank Display Console
Local Wireless Tank Console is used to monitor Tank inventories at the Tank Farm site.

Data View


The Web GUI  customer can access Tank Farm Inventories via desk top or smart cellular phones and many other devices with WEB access capabilities.

Tank Farm Overview

Tank Overview

Trend View



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